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Smart Borrowing for Students
4 Tips on Getting Money for School

There are 4 ways to ensure you borrow money responsibly for your education, so that your debt obligations after you leave school won't stifle your post-college career and lifestyle aspirations:

1) Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a standard form used by virtually all two and four-year colleges, universities and career schools for the awarding of federal student aid and most state and college aid. This avoids having to fill out lots of forms for each school.

Now you or your parents may think that filling out the FAFSA is worse than getting a root canal or filling out an annual income tax form. However, if filling out the form could reap money for you to go to college, why not do it? You've got nothing to lose!

FAFSA Web Site and Online Form

Complete information about FAFSA, with option to apply online

Apply for your FAFSA PIN Number

Comprehensive resource on how to apply for your FAFSA PIN

2) Know Your Credit Score

What's all the fuss about credit scores? Here you can find out what they are, why you should care about yours, and how they can affect your lifestyle as well as ability to borrow money!

What's Your Credit Score? Click the button to find out!

Click here to find out your credit score!

3) Obtain a Co-Signer

If you're trying to apply for a private education loan, you may come across information about needing a co-signer. Here's where to find out about the co-signer angle to private loans, why you should seriously consider having one for student-based credit, tips on how to ask someone to be your co-signer...

The Value of a Co-Signer on Your Private Student Loans


4) Apply for Private Loans


Chances are that even with scholarships and Federal student loans, you still may not have enough money to cover tuition, fees, food, housing, commuting, books and all those other annoying expenses that are part of the cost of going to college. That's when a private student loan through OneSimpleLoan can be your best solution to cover all of your college expenses!