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Private Student Loans For Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional College Students
Private Student Loans, Alternative Education Loans, Unsecured, Credit-Based Student Loans Apply online or by phone

It's Easy to Apply for a Private Student Loan over the Phone or Online
Call our toll-free number at 1-877-663-7467 to apply for your Private Student Loan through OneSimpleLoan, or click to apply for your private loan online!

(Here's a tip: Improve your chances to get a private student loan by applying with a cosigner!)

When You May Need a Private Student Loan

Private student loans, also known as private education loans, alternative loans, or alternative student loans, private loans are unsecured, credit-based student loans used for education-related expenses not covered by federal loans and other aid including tuition, books, computers, previous school fees and living expenses including room and board.

Why a Private Student Loan from OneSimpleLoan?
OneSimpleLoan encourages you to take advantage of all federal student loan opportunities before pursuing private loans. However, sometimes even federal student loans are not enough to cover your financial aid gap.

That's where a Private Student Loan from OneSimpleLoan can be a cost-effective alternative non-federal loan source. Compared to federal student loans, private student loans typically have slightly higher interest rates. However, the interest rates on private student loans may be lower than conventional credit products such as personal loans, credit cards and even home equity loans.

In addition, private student loans offer payment deferment benefits that most conventional loans don't. With a private student loan, repayment may begin after graduation or when enrollment becomes less than half time.

Apply Now for Your Private Student Loan over the Phone or Online
Call our toll-free number at 1-877-663-7467 to apply for your Private Student Loan through OneSimpleLoan, or click here to apply online.

Private Student Loans offer interest rates that are usually lower than conventional bank loans or credit sources.

Private Student Loans from OneSimpleLoan afford you competitive rates based on repayment option and your good credit history, along with the creditworthiness of your cosigner, if included. Remember, a cosigner with good credit can help lower your interest rate even more.

Cosigner Release Benefit can help you qualify for a private loan and save you even more money

If you have a cosigner on your student loan, when you make the required number of on-time consecutive loan repayments and have an established positive credit history meeting lender requirements, your cosigner's name may come off the loan! Cosigning a loan is not a forever obligation, making it easier for you to acquire a cosigner and earn lower interest rates! (Availability and restrictions may apply.)

Borrow what you need

Loan amounts from $2,500 up to the Cost of Attendance.

Tax benefits

Interest may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor for details.

No-hassle application process

Quick conditional pre-approval

Postpone private loan payments while enrolled in school

Private student loans give you the ability to delay (defer) loan repayments until after you leave school. However, interest fees will still accrue.

No prepayment penalty
Available for most College and Vocational Education Programs

The OSL Private Student Loan can be used for Undergraduate / Career Education (including Technical and Trade Education), Graduate/Professional Education and Continuing Education

May be eligible for consolidation

Helps you manage your debt after graduation

Private Student Loans from OneSimpleLoan are subject to origination fees and other underwriting criteria that may vary based on your creditworthiness and the creditworthiness of your cosigner if applicable. Please note that applying with a cosigner may reduce your interest rate and/or origination fee, even for students who qualify on their own.

Apply now for your Private Student Loan through OneSimpleLoan!

Just call OneSimpleLoan toll-free at 1-877-663-7467 or complete the easy-to-use private student loan application form to get your application process underway. Upon final approval of your private loan application, you could receive your funds in just a few days!

               Tips for Qualifying for Private Student Loans:

  • You must be either enrolled at an eligible school at least half time or on a continuing education basis
  • You must be the age of majority at the time of application
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. International students may apply with an eligible U.S. cosigner.
  • You must have good credit in order to qualify. It is strongly recommended that you consider having a qualified co-signer on your private loan application to improve your chances to qualify as well as to earn lower rates and fees. Check your credit history here!

Note: Interest rates, fees, cosigner release terms and other borrower benefits and/or requirements are subject to change at any time. Cosigner release is contingent upon the borrower�s credit profile which will be reviewed by the Lender prior to release, as well as upon fulfillment of required on-time monthly payments. Loan delinquency, default, or the use of forbearance may result in the revocation of all borrower benefits.