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OneSimpleLoanŽ Student Loan Solutions School Channel Code of Conduct

OneSimpleLoanŽ has adopted a Code of Conduct that directly impacts the actions and operations of all company departments and employees.  OneSimpleLoan employees are expected to maintain an exemplary standard of professional conduct at all times while carrying out daily responsibilities.  Ethical, professional conduct will be demonstrated during involvement with individuals and entities dealing in financial aid, regardless of whether such entity is involved in a government-sponsored, subsidized, or regulated activity. 



OneSimpleLoan and its employees may not provide or reimburse transportation fares, hotels, meals or entertainment for school employees to travel to our center offices, conferences or seminars.

Meals and Entertainment:

OneSimpleLoan employees may attend meals with school employees; however, each must pay their own way.


Entertainment events may be enjoyed with school employees as long as each incurs their own expense.

Distribution of Information and Marketing Materials:

OneSimpleLoan employees may provide portfolios containing information about OneSimpleLoan and its products and services to school employees and other affiliated institutions.


Informational material about OneSimpleLoan products and services may be distributed to students and schools as long as the information is accurate and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential personal gain for either the OneSimpleLoan employee or school employee.


Giveaways such as pens, desk caddies or other items of a nominal fee (under $10.00 per person) may be distributed by OneSimpleLoan to school employees as marketing material.


Door prizes given to students to encourage attendance at financial aid-related events may be given away as long as the item is of a nominal fee (under $10.00 Per session).

Sponsored Conferences and Training:

School-related trade conferences may be sponsored by OneSimpleLoan as long as the sponsorship benefits the whole trade association versus just one school or employee.


Pre- or post-conference cocktail events may not be sponsored by OneSimpleLoan or its employees. 


OneSimpleLoan employees are permitted to provide helpful training/consulting such as entrance and exit counseling, debt management and consolidation workshops to students as long as permission to do so is granted by the school.


Refreshments and snacks may be provided to those students and/or school employees attending any OneSimpleLoan-sponsored training/consultation workshop.


Information supplied in workshops and training should give students unbiased and accurate information about their financial obligations before during and after college.


These principles have been put into effect to protect OneSimpleLoan and its employees, school employees and their students.  OneSimpleLoan supports the principles and practices described in this Code of Conduct Statement.  Any practice that seems unethical or not in compliance with this Code of Conduct should be reported to:


Suzette Lopez
Chief Sales Officer
4023 Tampa Rd.,  Suite 2400
Oldsmar, FL 34677