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Our student loans, Federal education student Loans, PLUS Loans and Private Student Loans offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms and eligibility requirements than traditional consumer loans.
When it comes to student loans, Federal Student Loans, PLUS Loans and OneSimpleLoan® (OSL) Private Loans are less expensive and more
"borrower-friendly" than consumer loans, credit cards, and home equity loans.    Apply now for your federal student loans!
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Federal Student Loans
One of the most affordable student loan options are federal student loans, which include
Stafford loans for students and PLUS loans for parents. Interest rates for these Federal student loans are significantly lower than those of personal loans, credit cards and even home equity loans! (And if you need more funding, OSL Private Student Loans  also offers interest rate savings.)

Many are available regardless of income level and, in some cases, the government pays all the loan interest while you're attending school.

These student loans are usually eligible for consolidation after graduation, providing long-term financing flexibility as you continue on to graduate school or opt to join the working world!

Stafford Loans Federal Stafford Loans - Stafford Loan rates are lower than other forms of consumer financing, and repayment is postponed until you are out of school. Stafford loans are available as subsidized (need-based) or unsubsidized (non-need-based) student loans.
PLUS Loans   Federal PLUS Loans - Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, known as PLUS loans, helps parents borrow funds on behalf of their college-bound children.

Private Student Loans
If scholarships, grants, work-study and/or federal student loans programs don't cover the entire amount of education-related expenses, a Private Student Loan through OneSimpleLoan, also known as an alternative loan, is an excellent alternative to conventional consumer or bank loans. If you have a number of private loans, a private loan consolidation may be a prudent move to better manage your education debt.

OneSimpleLoan Private Loans  Private Loans from OneSimpleLoan
Also called "alternative loans" or "non-federal student loans," private loans are credit-based education loans that are not guaranteed by the federal government. However, the lending limits are higher than federal student loans, which can help pay for expenses not covered by federal loans or other aid and complete your financial aid portfolio. Private loans can be used for education-related expenses--not just tuition--including fees, books, room and board, computer, commuting, and even housing expenses!

Hint: If you wish to apply for a private loan yet have no credit or poor credit, having a creditworthy co-signer may improve your chances of not only getting approved for a private loan but also getting the full amount that you wish to borrow, up to lender maximums.

Bad credit?  Don't worry!
Need to finance your education even with bad credit? If you have bad credit, you may still qualify for a Stafford loan, PLUS loan or GradPLUS loan. If you don't quite qualify for a PLUS loan, a qualifying co-signer may still enable you to receive the funds you need to pay for your child's education.

Not sure if you qualify, or don't have a qualifying cosigner? We put together some tips on how to find and ask someone to be a cosigner, especially someone other than a parent.

Want to know your credit score? Not a problem...OSL can help. We now offer you an opportunity to check your credit score, access your credit history, receive an analysis of your credit, be alerted when key items in your credit record are changed and protect your identity from theft. Be sure to sign up now at OneSimpleLoan.com/CheckMyCredit to receive your credit score and credit report.

In addition, we've joined forces with a highly-reputable non-profit credit counseling company, InCharge.org, to help individuals improve their credit rating and better manage their debt, including credit card debt. To enroll, call toll-free 866-729-0059 (lines are open 7 days a week), or click here to visit their web site. There is no fee to speak with a credit counselor.

If you still have questions regarding a private student loan, please be sure to call us toll-free at 1-877-663-7467.

Yes!  Student Loans Are Available for Qualified Non-College/Vocational Education Programs
For those of you attending alternative post-secondary schools such as a vocational school, you may qualify for student loans if your school qualifies for
Title IV funding.

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Loan Type Current Interest Rate
Subsidized Stafford Loans Undergraduate Students 6.00%
Subsidized Stafford Loans Graduate Students 6.80%
Unsubsidized Stafford Loans 6.80%
PLUS Loans 8.50%
OSL Private Loans Rate Based on LIBOR Rate or PRIME Rate plus a margin